We knew the wild card entries of Rohit Suchanti and Megha Dhande would create a ruckus in the Bigg Boss house and we were prepared alright? But homophobic comments weren’t what we signed up for.

Minutes after his entry into the Bigg Boss house several assumptions and comments were passed on his sexuality by Karanvir and various other inmates. While Karanvir Bohra suggests that he might ‘swing both ways’, Shivashish agrees to this.  Then, Surbhi says that he’s prettier than all the girls here and Karavnvir jokes that no wonder Romil is talking to him. Many such comments were passed upon his entry and after that. Vikas Gupta who was one of the most famous contestants and known to be the mastermind of his season of the Bigg Boss, took to Twitter to express his displeasure with the kind of comments passed on Rohit and how homophobic they were.

He also said in his detailed note that this was not about Rohit but how the inmates including his friends were chiding someone for the way he looked or his possible sexuality. He blatantly called out Karanvir, Dipika and Sreesanth for partaking in such lowly jokes and homophobic statements when our supreme court itself has abolished section 377. And TBH, I completely agree with Vikas. He also asked the channel if any action would be taken for such comments.

Take a look.

Playing a game is one thing and passing derogatory statements that would show an entire community in a low light is another. Celebrities at the stature of Dipika, Karanvir and Sreesanth were blatantly wrong.