While scrolling through @FentyBeauty‘s Instagram story last night I came across something that blew my mind. Often at times we know that the internet shows us the freaky, the cool and other incredible things that we sometimes can’t believe can actually be done. Adding to the talent box is a Prague-based tattoo artist, Alena Wedderburn who showcased her insane talent on the Fenty IG handle.

The tattoo artist who has a following of 27.3k followers uses makeup to paint portraits of Rihanna on herself—and it’s next level. And while most of us can’t even create such looks on our faces, she manages to paint them on her thigh! Yup, thigh. Check ’em out:

It’s unreal just how good she is with the detailing and shading—once again, ON HER LEG!

What are your thoughts? Mind-blown like us? Let us know in the comments below.

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