7 Types Of Students You Can Spot In Every Classroom Ever

7 Types Of Students You Can Spot In Every Classroom Ever

Karishma Govil

The one phase of our lives we cherish the most is our childhood. Those good ol’ school days when the only stress we had in life was getting good grades. The canteen food and those fun games things we looked forward to as kids. We had our own group and every kid had a different personality in school. Today, we’re listing down the different kind of students you may have come across in your classroom. Here they are:

1. The Frontbencher

Ever hated the kid who always did their homework, always raised their hand when questions were asked to the entire class and always got great grades? Or was that person you? Everyone got irritated with this one because they were the teacher’s pet and always sat on the front bench.

2. The Outlaw

Complete opposite to the frontbencher, this kid was always hunting for the lowest profile seat in the classroom. They wanted to stay lowkey and not catch the teacher’s attention. They always bunked school and never did their homework.

3. The Forever Unwell One

Poor kid! Was always unwell. They had so many red marks in their calendar because they always had some problem or the other.

4. The Class Clown

This guy always made everyone laugh. He would make fun of the teachers and his classmates too.

5. The One Who Always Gets In Trouble

Similar to the backbencher and class clown, this person was famous for playing pranks and not taking the class seriously.

6. The Cheater

God bless the person sitting in front of them during an exam. They’d always “pssst…” and ask for answers and the person who actually studied would get in trouble because of the cheater.

7. The Snoozer

Always and forever sleeping in class. This poor kid obviously would stay up late watching tv or playing games until late and can’t manage in the morning. You can hear them snoring in the corner.

So, which one were you? Tell us in the comments below!

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