The Bigg Boss house never fails to leave the viewers surprised with the contestants making new connections and turning on each other with every passing episode. Last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 12 was no different either. The housemates were still fighting it out to collect as many eggs during the captaincy task.

Romil Chaudhary tired to guide Deepak Thakur about playing the game and which strategy to use. As a result of which Urvashi Vani is seen getting upset, noticing this Saba tries to talk to her but her efforts don’t help. A few minutes later, Deepak and Urvashi are seen having a discussion that soon escalates into a heated argument with the two of them shouting at each other and throwing the sipper on the floor. Other housemates also get involved in the fight and in the end Sreesanth and Romil are left arguing about the violent acts that the former has pulled off in the house.

The Khan sisters are also seen getting into an argument and crying as Somi is no longer in the task to become captain. Somi gets mad at Saba for changing plans and causing her elimination from the task. The two are seen crying by the end of it. Deepak, who is determined to win the game gets annoyed with Karanvir and calls him ghatiya leading to another fight. Karanvir seems to get very upset and also feels alone as no one from the former Singles team is out to support him in the task.

Megha leaves her spot and goes back into the house giving Karanvir the chance to steal the eggs from her rack. However, the others supporting Megha including, steal the eggs back from him after a little struggle. Towards the end of the episode, however, the opposing team feels bad for Karanvir and tries to give him a hug. Even though Karanvir says he will not be hugging Deepak for calling him ghatiya all of them surround him and give him a group hug.

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