7 Reasons Why Adulting Is A Tough Pill To Swallow

Rashmi Bhosale , 26 Oct 2018
Rohit Saraf & Rhea Chakraborty
Rohit Saraf & Rhea Chakraborty

When we were children we all dreamed of being adults, who earn money and live life on their own terms. Little did we know then that adulthood is not as easy as it seems. Playing ‘ghar-ghar‘ and now actually hunting for a rental house to stay in are two completely different things. Yup, adulting is tough guys and here’s why:

1. You Have To Be Responsible With Finances

Yay, for working hard and earning your bucks. Not-so-yay is the part where you have to pay your bills and figure out what taxes are really about.

2. You Have To Make Your Own Food

That’s right, after a few days of take-out seshes and a regular dose of Maggi you’ll eventually crave for ‘ma ke haat ka khana‘. So, you’ll have no choice but to be an adult and cook your own food.

3. You Have To Do Your Own Laundry

Here’s another chore that you took for granted that would eventually ‘pile up’ on your to-do list. Procrastinating this task would be a major mistake as there would come a time where you actually have nothing to wear.

4. There Are No Summer Holidays Or Diwali Vacation

This one is the toughest reality check. School and college days were all about having month-long vacations. Adulthood is all about a fixed number of leaves and how you manage to stay within that limit, which is really difficult at times. A trip to the USA? Maybe not this year, thanks!

5. You Have To Keep A Check On Your Health

Gone are those days when you could eat whatever you like and drink how much ever you liked. Your body shows signs of growing old and the worst part is that you really can’t do anything about it. Welcome to Club Beer Belly And Grey Hair!

6. ‘Exhausted’ Will Be Your Middle Name

Adulting is tiring and you’ll feel the hit of it really hard. Being constantly exhausted will be your new look. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most tired of ’em all? It’s you!

7. You’re Expected To Be An Adult

This transition of being an adult is so unexpected and you would wonder when that happened? ‘Abh tum bade ho gaye ho‘ would be something you’ll constantly hear, of course, after being judged for your actions.

With so many things that do make adulting tough can you imagine the added stress of Diwali festivities? Well, here’s how Rhea Chakraborty and Rohit Saraf managed to have a grown-up #SparklingDiwali.

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