Bigg Boss 12 is picking up the pace and spinning more entertainment into the daily lives of the viewers with the housemates and their unexpected reactions and outbursts. Most of these happen during the high-pressure tasks and it is fun to watch the housemates turn against each other and plot to win the captaincy. The same has been going on for the past couple of days and it is rather entertaining.

After winning the luxury budget task, Deepak Thakur, Somi Khan and Megha Dhade earned themselves a spot into the captaincy task. Each of the three contenders seems determined to win it this time. On the other hand, Karanvir Bohra is in tears because of the results of the luxury budget task and the way the contestants who entered the house as the Singles team didn’t show him any support. He goes ahead to call Dipika Kakar and Sreesanth selfish and decide to only play the game for himself going forward. Karan talks to Dipika about their lack of support for him and Dipika tries to explain why she did so.

Housemates wake up to Chhaiya Chhaiya blaring out the speakers in the house. The captaincy task begins soon after Surbhi reads the rules and announces that the housemates have to give captaincy contenders food items to eat and drink both good or bad. The contenders were ordered to do so while sitting inside the train setup.

Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana have a long-standing problem with each other and once again get into a screaming match. A few moments later Jasleen Matharu is seen asking Sreesanth to support Megha and help her to become the captain. Sreesanth discusses the same with Srishty and Dipika as well. Sensing the tension, Dipika tries to convince Karanvir to talk to Sreesanth but Karanvir refuses to do so.

Rohit Suchanti gives Megha a green concoction which she drinks and Karanvir is seen giving the same to Deepak later. Srishty Rode decides to make this spicier and gives Somi some hot sauce. Unable to consume it, Somi pukes and Saba gets upset watching her sister in tears. Somi gives up the captaincy task.

Meanwhile, housemates claim that Romil Chaudhary gave honey to Somi and get mad at him but he simply refuses to accept he did anything wrong.

Who do you think is the most deserving contender to be the captain?