The first episode for Koffee With Karan Season 6 was just a warm-up, coz the second episode just shot up in energy thanks to two of Bollywood’s greatest superstars today Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar. If you’d seen the promo for this episode, you would have got a glimpse of how kickass the episode is. In case, you’ve missed out the episode, let me give you a low-down of all the priceless moments from the second episode of KWK that’ll make you ROFL.

When Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar educated Karan Johar on the iconic steps of Bholi Bhali Ladki and forced him to dance.

When KJo showed us a throwback picture of Ranveer Singh as a golu 8-year-old boy having a fan moment with the 90s chest-haired Akshay Kumar. (Chest hair that will give Anil Kapoor a run for his money)

When Ranveer mimicked AK to perfection and kept doing it throughout the episode.

When Ranveer Singh recounted Akshay’s advice to him about making money and the true motivation behind Akshay’s hard work. In AK’s wise words and Ranveer’s voice, “Shaadi hai- Main naach raha hoon. Birthday hai- Main naach raha hoon. Mundan hai. Baby is crying- Main phir bhi naach raha hoon”

When Ranveer finally revealed the truth behind his outrageous fashion sense. While all this time we thought it was him, it was actually KJo. Watch the episode to know what I mean.

When Ranveer actually revealed the price of an outrageous outfit that KJo had gifted him two years ago and I clutched my heart thinking of all the clothes I could’ve bought with that money from Linking Road. Rs 3.5 lakhs if you were wondering how much.

When Akshay revealed that they were quite a few similarities between him and Ranveer. While Ranveer may have danced in a red underwear in Befikre which happened to be his 8 or 9th film, Akshay had also done the same in a blue underwear in his 9th film.

When Akshay and Ranveer acted out a 90s death scene and Ranveer got shot in the nipple. No really.

When Ranveer Singh revealed that his favourite Khan just like everyone else was Taimur Ali Khan and he’d like to play his father when he starts acting in movies (*cough* nepotism *cough*)

When Ranveer had the most ‘telling’ tinder bios for his best friend Arjun Kapoor. “I’m hung like a hathi. Swipe right if you dare” were his words to be exact. *Ahem Ahem*

When Ranveer revealed that Shah Rukh Khan just like him would be the last one to leave any party.

When Ranveer revealed he had a fulleshwari when KJo was narrating the script of Takht to him. Yup, it’s what you think it is.

When AK revealed three calls he’ll always pick up no matter what he’s up to.

When Ranveer called up his girlfriend/fiance Deepika Padukone and addressed her as baby. I can still hear all the #DeepVeer fans screaming.

When Twinkle Khanna roasted KJo in the 5 seconds Akshay put her on speaker phone.

When both Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh took way too long to tell three movies with an SRK-Kajol pairing.

These are just some of my favourite moments from the episode. And as is usual, I can’t wait for the next episode that stars Aamir Khan!

How excited are you for the next episode?