The spookiest time of the year is here and planning a Halloween party could take a lot of your time, creativity and effort. So, if you still haven’t gotten everything you need or have decided to host a last-minute Halloween party, there are a few basic things you need to tick off your checklist. We’ve listed down a few things for you to get you to get started. Here they are!

1. Guest List

The first thing you need to know is how many people you’re hosting at your party. So, make sure to list people down. That’ll help you calculate the amount of food and alcohol you need to order or cook.

2. Decor

It’s not Halloween if the ambience isn’t spooky. Buy decor that screams Halloween… Literally! So, spider webs, pumpkins, fake blood should be a part of your decor.

3. Games

Watch horror movies or play fun games with your crew. You could line up everyone and tell everyone to announce their costumes or guess other’s costumes.

4. Poison For The Night

Like mentioned earlier, some fun jello shots, beers and other alcohol should be ordered in advance. It would make sense if you ask people to RSVP and tell you what they will be drinking so it’s easier for you to order.

5. Costumes

You literally cannot call it a Halloween party if everyone isn’t dressed in a costume. We suggest you come up with a rule that wearing a costume is compulsory and the defaulter has a price to pay.

6. Props

Get fun/scary props like fun glasses, plates, tissue papers and more to jazz up the party. You could even keep extra masks for people who don’t wear a costume (the defaulters).

7. Music

Create a special Halloween playlist with scary/Halloween themed songs like Thriller.

8. Finger Food

These sort of parties should really have some innovative food floating around. So, serve some fun food and snacks to get the party started.

Now that you have all your basics in place, you’re ready to host a killer Halloween party. Make it extra spooky by hiding spooky props like fake blood, cut off fingers, and fake spiders in different parts of the house. Tell us how it turned out in the comments below!

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