Salman Khan began last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 12 with a shock for the viewers as he announced that there will be a double eviction this week. The latest episode brought out the true side of contestants in front of the others once again. From food competition to a war of words, contestants did what they do best, gave the viewers tons and tons of drama to binge on.

Dipika Kakar and Megha Dhade were seen competing over food. Both the contestants made one dish each and asked the housemates to taste. However, Sreesanth refused to taste Dipika’s food even after her requests. The housemates voted in Megha’s favour and Salman announced that he will be making the final decision after tasting their food. While at first Salman believes that the housemates have only voted for Megha to throw Dipika out of the kitchen, it is after tasting the meals prepared by them that he announces Megha as the winner.

The caller of the week’s revelation left the housemates stunned after they heard how Sreesanth had tried to make Somi Khan drink cleaning liquid during the captaincy task. Everyone gets upset and Sreesanth tries to explain that he was only trying to scare Somi off and not actually make her drink it. What left the housemates even more upset was Anup Jalota’s eviction from the house.

Salman lightens the mood by revealing how girls went crazy when Rohit Suchanti had entered the house. This episode also highlighted Deepak Thakur‘s crush on Somi as Salman pulled his leg. Taking the entertainment further, Salman revealed facts told by housemates and asked each one to guess who had said it. Not just that, the housemates were asked to break an egg on the head of the person they suspected had said it.

Salman then announced that the Sultani Akhada will have six people three from each, Happy Club and Wolf Pack. The Wolf Pack led by Sreesanth won the Sultani Akhada but what was surprising was that Dipika, Srishty Rode and Urvashi Vani voted in favour of Surbhi instead of Sreesanth. This move shocked Salman as well. It was after the Sultani Akhada that Salman told the housemates about the second elimination. The housemates were shocked as they weren’t expecting this at all. Salman announces that Saba Khan is the other contestant to be eliminated from the house.

If you remember, Sreesanth had earlier made fun of Rohit Suchanti and his sexuality. The former was seen apologizing to the latter and defended himself for making such distasteful comments. Rohit clarifies and says he is straight and even discusses about his ex-girlfriend.

With two contestants gone and the revelations made on this Weekend Ka Vaar, a lot of drama seems to be approaching the Bigg Boss house.