Packing smart is an art form that most people don’t master. Usually, there are two types of packers. The ‘pack-all-that-I-own’ kinda packers and the ‘one-or-two-outfits-is-all-I-need’ packers. While the latter ones manage travel nicely,  the heavy packers usually suffer, lugging around heavy bags filled with things they don’t even end up using half the time. To help such victims, here is a list of stuff you should stop including in your luggage completely, starting now!

1. Excess Food

We Indians are the biggest food packers in the world. Our khakras and namkeen packets are too close to our hearts to ditch. But, the news is, you can buy snacks wherever you go. Sure, your favourite ones may not be available but isn’t that an excellent opportunity to try the local food?

2. Sheets And Towels

You don’t need to pack your own sheets and towels. Wherever you go, all hotels and vacation rentals provide sheets and towels, unless you’re going camping! And if for some reason yours doesn’t, treat it as a sign to move to a different place to stay.

3. Bathing Suits

Don’t be too invested in wearing different outfits every single time. When it comes to bathing suits, carry not more than 2. So you always have one dry suit to carry. They’re super easy to wash and dry quickly. Make the most of this.

4. Shoes

Carry no more than 2 pairs which can be commonly used with multiple outfits. They take up a lot of space and you usually end up not using more than 1 or 2 of them.

Pro tip: Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes and pack away the lighter pair.

5. Out Of Season Clothing

If you packed a particular piece with the thought of what if, chances are you don’t need it at all. Carrying umbrellas, extra jackets, raincoats makes no sense. You can buy a cheap one and leave it there or carry it back, as you like. It will cost you much less and not a be a pain in the back!

6. Shampoo And Conditioner

Again, most staycations provide shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste+toothbrush and soap. Take advantage of the free products and lighten your luggage. And these are not the only things they have in stock, some provide deodorant, mouthwash, feminine hygiene products, shaving cream, razors, and even sewing kits. You just have to ask for it and you might get lucky!

7. Headphones

Headphones look cool, no doubt. But not at the cost of the space they take up. Carry earphones or ear pods instead, they are tiny and can fit in your pocket as well.

8. Books

Okay, I know so many of you love carrying books along but hear me out. Books do take a lot of space and add weight. We can’t deny that. So instead, download e-books on your smartphone or tablet and read books worth of a library instead of one or two.

9. Expensive Jewellery

Of course! Stay away from carrying any expensive or real jewellery, unless you’re going to a destination wedding and even then you can get away with costume jewellery most often. You are prone to becoming an easy target for pickpocketers, which will result in a huge loss that’s totally not worth it!

10. Hair Dryers

Hair dryers take up a lot of space for the service they provide. Most of the hotels provide hair dryers, if not you can ask them for one. If you still don’t by any chance, give your hair some rest from the heat and keep it natural for a change. You can rock the natural look anyway, we’re sure 🙂

11. Things Your Travel Buddy Already Packed

Before packing up your bags, make a list of essentials which can be shared. Divide them among your travel buddies to avoid heavy baggage. The lighter, the better.

12. Makeup Bag

Ladies, our makeup bag consists of sh*t we don’t even remember or use for months. Take out the essential, everyday routine products and keep the rest at home.

13. Laptop

Unless it’s a business or work-related trip, pack as few gadgets as you can. There is a risk of losing them and damaging them too. Also, you will have more room to enjoy the vacation at it’s best with a gadget detox!

Hoping these hacks help reduce the weight of guilt and extra stuff so you can enjoy your trip without a worry. Travel light, explore more!

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