Priyanka Chopra recently took a selfie—a really great selfie. Although we didn’t truly realise her selfie skill potential, we did, however, notice her $280 pair of Dior sunglasses. These oversized square-shaped Dior ColorQuake1 sunnies definitely is a step away from the ‘tiny sunglasses’ trend that we’ve been spotting a lot this year.

Which brings us to the birth of a bevy of trends in the sunglass world—some of which we’ve spotted on the international runways and some which we’ve been seeing all over IG! Whether the former or latter, we’re letting you in on the best style of sunglasses to invest in while you melt away in the October heat!

1. Almost rounded

For the ones that would like to keep it basic but a little edgy, these sunnies are perfect.

2. Futuristic

For those experimental ones, the newest fashion trends revolve around futuristic lines. So definitely invest in these babies!

3. Retro square

These are for the lovers of all things vintage. They give off an old mixed-with-the-new vibe and look great with any outfit.

4. Tinted lenses

Perhaps a fashion girl’s a cooler alternative to the basic round framed sunnies. They’re meant to contrast your look and make a statement.

5. Graphic shapes

Want to stand out in the crowd? Well, these flames will definitely get you noticed!

6. Oversized cat eye

Cat eye sunnies are so 2000-and-late! Get with these oversized ones with some cool artwork on the frame that can amp up a basic look.

So, what type of sunnies will you invest in? Let us know in the comments below!

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