Charlie Brooker Hinted At Sequels For Black Mirror’s Episodes & We Can’t Keep Calm

Team Interns , 02 Nov 2018

Charlie Brooker has one hell of a twisted mind and there is no argument about it! Tell me you didn’t get the shivers while watching his vanquishing creation Black Mirror and I’ll know you’re bluffing, okay? So, don’t. You experience a different kinda vibe and feel with every single episode, this series is literally ahead of its time and how! I could go on and on about this but, hold your horses as there is even better news!

Our man Charlie Brooker has hinted there could be potential sequels for a few Black Mirror episodes. As if the episodes weren’t crazy enough, just imagine what the sequels would have in store. There were so many episodes which left us thinking “What in god’s name would have happened after that?” and I’m hoping we get our answers!

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BLACK MIRROR Temporada 2, episodio 2: "White Bear" El argumento consiste en que Victoria (Lenora Crichlow) despierta sin memoria y un pequeño grupo de personas la quieren matar y el resto de personas sólo graban o sacan fotos; luego se descubre que todo está orquestado y que ella está en una especie de cárcel/parque de diversiones, llamado "White Bear" donde se la está castigando porque su novio mató a una niña mientras ella grababa. La humillan y se burlan de ella para al final del día mostrarle el vídeo que ella misma grabó y luego borrarle la memoria para repetir la misma rutina al día siguiente. Actualmente, en la sociedad, muchas personas se comportan como observadores, cuando alguien se quiere suicidar o si hay un accidente, en lugar de ayudar, se ponen a grabar o sacar fotos. Además de que el sufrimiento de las demás personas ahora parece importarnos poco, nos hemos vuelto menos empáticos como sociedad. El episodio nos engancha desde el inicio, nos muestra las pistas poco a poco y por el final descubrimos la verdad, todo cobra sentido y nos sorprende de una manera espectacular. Vamos descubriendo todo a la par de Victoria, que seguramente lleva bastante tiempo recibiendo ese castigo. El episodio me recuerda un poco a "The game" (1997) de David Fincher. #blackmirror #serie #series #seriefilos #blackmirrortemporada2 #lenoracrichlow

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Inside Black Mirror is a new partner book to the series and Charlie discloses the possible sequels to the previous episodes in it. And yes, it includes the Return to White Bear episode in the list. Starring Lenora Crichlow as Victoria Skillane in the episode, she is wiped off of her memory every day. She is then made to go through the same disturbing routine over and over again. Plot twist? In the sequel, she will be aware of the process and may rebel against it. And for some other episodes, he revealed he may not really play with the previous characters but work around with the episode stories, if it’s compelling enough.

To give us a little sneak-peek, Charlie said,

Each one is an individual little movie, and so a lot of it is to do with a surprise. That’s why we’ve done a book because there’s a lot to say about the existing ones.

Keeping us on our toes, he added,

There’s some more coming up, but I’m not allowed to talk about those.

We can only wonder what he has up his sleeve next because predicting correctly never works when it comes to Black Mirror. 

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