The much awaited 2.0 Trailer was just released and it has fans going crazy already. The trailer launch event was a crowd pleaser in itself and looked phenomenal. The entire cast and crew were present at the launch taking the excitement of all the fans present there to the next level.

The director of the film, S. Shankar took the opportunity to share a few words and was all praises for Superstar, Rajinikanth. The seasoned actor has millions of fans and enjoys a stardom like no other but he is known to be extremely humble. Having worked with him, director S. Shankar also got a first-hand experience of this. He spoke to the media and revealed what made Rajinikanth such a big superstar.

Praising the megastar he said:

The biggest strength of the film is Rajini sir. Whatever he does it’s stylish, massy and beautiful. Despite so many years in acting, his performance is still fresh. When we started the shoot, he wasn’t keeping well. When we began in Delhi, it was a planning of 6 months and we didn’t know what to do. Despite being unwell, Rajini sir came to Delhi and shot the scenes. He wore costumes weighing heavy and shot the scenes. Rajini sir was injured during one of the scenes and we wanted to take him to hospital. But he wanted to finish the shot and then go to the hospital. It is this dedication makes him the superstar.

We couldn’t agree more1 Rajini sir has delivered terrific performances over the years. The trailer of 2.0 is another proof that everytime he is onscreen, he leaves people awestruck.

The film releases on the 25th of November and we can hardly wait!