Priyanka Chopra Makes It To People Magazine's List Of '25 Women Changing The World'

Jahnavi Patel , 07 Nov 2018
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Priyanka Chopra is one actress who has been an inspiration for a number of people all around the globe. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when PeeCee finds a place in the 25 Women Changing the World list by People Magazine. Priyanka is one among the inspiring philanthropists like Sarah Ullman, Lena WaitheNazanin Boniadi, Gina Rodriguez, Peggy Whitson and others, all of whom are contributing to the cause they believe in.

Priyanka has grown up in a house where both her parents served as doctors in the Indian army. As we all know, PeeCee has won the Miss World title and pledged to make a difference since she was 18 years.

Priyanka said,

I realized I had a position of power and I could associate myself with causes I really believed in. I do not take the fact that I live in a comfortable home, I have the ability to get an education, I have a job that I want to have, I’m living the life that I choose to live. The one thing that has changed in me is, I do not take my privileges for granted.

Priyanka has worked with UNICEF as a global Goodwill Ambassador for 12 years now and visited places in Zimbabwe and the slums in Mumbai that are in need of help.

Sharing her experience, Priyanka said,

The field trips are the most special because you meet incredible kids and survivors. That has been one of my joyous moments, being able to help advocate children’s rights and children’s welfare around the world. That moved me so much in being able to go to places where these kids have no voice or no one listening to them, and actually shedding light on that.

Congratulations, Priyanka and more power to you!

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