10 Cutesy Things You Must Include In Your Bridesmaid Gift Box

Karishma Govil , 10 Nov 2018
Bridesmaid Box (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Bridesmaid Box (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

A bride-to-be has so many things on her plate while prepping for her wedding. From outfits, makeup, decor, and basically everything else that needs to be done during the wedding. But what she doesn’t necessarily need to do but really wants to, is send out bridesmaid boxes. For those who aren’t aware of this ritual, a bride-to-be has a bunch of bridesmaids and a maid of honour. For her to officially ask them to be her bridesmaid, usually, she makes a box of all the things that the bridesmaid would love attached with a note of asking them to be her bridesmaid. This obviously could be as customised as possible, but to give you an idea of what all can be a part of this box, we’ve listed down some products that would be ideal for a bridesmaid box. Here they are!

1. A Beautiful Box

Firstly, start by curating cute boxes for your BFFs. They could be wooden, tin or paper boxes with their names on each box. Decorate it with elegant wrapping paper and ribbons.

2. A Memory

Take a picture you have with each of them, frame it and add it to the box. Or take a memory you’ve kept with you (a movie stub, an old lipstick or a concert band) and add that with a small note.

3. Customised Notes

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Share your thoughts, emotions and experiences with each of your girls and why you’d want them to be an integral part of your big day.

4. An Alcohol Miniature/Cocktail Mixes

We would suggest miniature champagne bottles because they look so adorbs and also signify celebrations!

5. Nailpaint Of Their Favourite Color

If you know what their colour preferences are, get each of them a nice colour that they can wear at the wedding.

6. Pretty Scented Candles

A nice scented candle looks really pretty. Plus, it’ll make your box smell good as soon as your BFFs open it.

7. A Hangover Kit

C’mon! Every box must have a hangover kit, obviously! A few band-aids, antacids, vomit & headache medicines and anti-hangover pills too should be a part of this box.

8. A Nice Piece Of Stationary

Maybe a calendar, a notebook or a planner with your wedding hashtag on it (or their names) would be ideal.

9. A Delicate Piece Of Jewellery

Add a small piece of delicate jewellery (or the style they prefer) to this box. They’ll surely love it.

10. Something Sweet

Add a brownie, a cupcake or a macaron in the box because who doesn’t like sweets?

We suggest you colour-coordinate all these little things in the box so it looks even more beautiful! These boxes can be as personalised as you want them to be. So, don’t be afraid to melt your BFF’s heart with these boxes. Try these and tell us how they turned out in the comments below.

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