8 Mehendi Designs Every Bride Should Consider For Her Big Day

8 Mehendi Designs Every Bride Should Consider For Her Big Day

Karishma Govil

There are so many things a bride-to-be has to take care of. Her outfits jewellery, makeup and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We forget these little factors initially, but they’re really crucial during this time. Take the mehendi ceremony for instance. So many things a bride has to consider like decor, guest list, food, bar and outfits, that some might even forget to finalise their mehendi design. It’s just something a bride procrastinates on. Typically, there are two types of mehendi designs—Traditional and Arabic. If you like Arabic designs, click here! Most brides, however, pick traditional for their special day. To make the bride’s life easy, here are a few traditional concepts and designs you might want to consider for your mehendi ceremony if you’re the bride.

1. Pretty Paisleys

It’s a classic design, really. You can’t go wrong with this one. Most women choose paisley and peacock designs as they’re both so pretty.

2. Floral Design

There are different types of floral designs, and you can take your pick. They’re all so beautiful!

3. Peacock Design

As mentioned earlier, most brides opt for the peacock design as it looks stunning on the bride-to-be.

4. Mesh Work

The mesh is a good filler for the actual design usually. But you can also make it the star attraction of your henna!

5. The Proposal

Make your mehendi tell a story of how he proposed to you! It’ll be a cute surprise for hubby and is definitely a unique approach.

6. Bride & Groom

Another age-old traditional design is sketching out the bride and groom on your palms. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

7. Portraits

Want to try something innovative? A lot of brides these days are getting the portraits of their hubby-to-be on their palms. That’s right! It isn’t easy for the mehendiwalli, but they’re so talented, that they pull it off. Isn’t that just too cute?

8. Your Story

If you want your mehendi to tell a story, in fact, your story, get it on henna! Brides these days are sketching out their love stories in the form of mehendi on their palms. Aww!

Aren’t all of them really pretty? If you want to go the conventional route, try the paisley or peacock design. But, if you want to try something different, tell the mehendiwalli to add a little adaptation of your proposal or your love story onto your palms. Don’t forget to hide your hubby-to-be‘s name in your design for him to find later!

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