On November 12th, girl boss Lilly Singh who is also known as Superwoman announced a break from social media on Youtube through an I’ll see you soon… titled video. With a massive Youtube following of more than 14 million subscribers, Lilly decided to take some time off of her hectic work life to focus on her mental health.

Lilly has been releasing bang on content consistently for 8 years straight. Recently, she opened up about how this has exhausted her mentally, physically and emotionally. She has been seeing some changes in herself which she isn’t enjoying. In her 7 minutes 54 seconds video, she talked about how this is important for her to address at the initial stage and there is nothing to feel sad or ashamed about it. She said,

I could be happier, I am not my optimal happiness right now.

Lilly has not planned on when she will return to social media, she wants to let things take their course and come back better than ever! With no specific rules on how and what should be done next, she is confronting this in an extremely positive and encouraging manner. After the video was out, it became the news and Lilly wrote,

Where I live in California, people have just lost their homes in the wildfire and so I don’t consider my break newsworthy in the greater scheme of things.

We cannot stress enough on how important it is to take care of your mental health. The first step is to recognise and acknowledge the changes that are happening to you mentally, emotionally and physically. Many of us tend to deny it because of the stigma attached to it. But believe us when we say this, it is completely normal and okay to go through changes. We’re all human. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about. Ask for help, reach out to someone who you trust and take a break if needed. You’re going to be okay and the world is here to help you through this journey. Do not ignore the signs your body and mind give you, they’re for your own well being.