August 2017 was a heartbreaking month as the Game Of Thrones season 7 came to an end. The next and final season was announced to be premiering in the first half of 2019, a long wait of 2 years which got the #GOT maniacs to go crazy. Today, HBO announced the month of season 8 premiere has been revealed and it’s in April!

HBO has been pretty hush-hush about giving us deets and hints about the final season. The trailer that has been released recently for season 8 is entirely a compilation of previous seasons snippets. The only hint they have given out sneakily is that there is going to be a huge battle among many characters, and that’s it. No room for spoilers this time, eh?

There are going to be only six episodes in the Game Of Thrones final season but with a feature length of approximately 80 minutes each. Now we’re talking! Now that the release of season 8 is just some months away, HBO most likely will release a full trailer with clips from the final episodes of the show soon.

We’re super stoked about this and the ultimate countdown for the Game Of Thrones finale has already started. These 4-5 months are going to be filled with anticipation, excitement, and impatience! Meanwhile, we all can start binge-watching all seasons and gear up for the finish line.

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