Shah Rukh Khan is fondly known as the Baadshah of Bollywood. The actor who did a few intense and negative characters at the beginning of his career in the Indian film industry soon became the most loved King of Romance for Bollywood fans. SRK always manages to charm people with his on-screen charm and off-screen wit. His success usually inspires fans too but even he is not untouched by failures and one of the recent ones was the Box-office verdict of Jab Harry Met Sejal. It was a year and a half ago that the film released and while fans were waiting excitedly for the film to release, it left them disappointed. In a recent interview with Telegraph India, SRK addressed the film’s failure and spoke about letting people down.

Here’s what he had to say,

I let people down with Jab Harry Met Sejal, which was an utter flop. But I didn’t want to let anyone down; I just liked the fact that koi story nahin thi, sirf ek ring ke chakkar mein the two people… kheechey chale jaate hain. It was a very organic, slice-of-life thing.

He lightened the mood and said,

The other day I met a director who mentioned the term ‘slice-of-life’ and I said, ‘nahin, poora pumpkin do mujhe iss baar.

But one failure isn’t going to stop SRK from impressing his fans and the actor is all set to do so with his next film, Zero. The movie also stars Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in lead roles and is set to release on the 21st of December, 2018.