7 Restaurants Townside Of The Sealink Every Mumbaikar Should Visit

Karishma Govil , 17 Nov 2018
Baos At South Bombay Bar
Baos At South Bombay Bar

Every corner of Mumbai is loaded with amazing places to eat. Whether it’s Bandra, Lower Parel, or Juhu, they all have such yummy and distinct cuisines that a foodie would love. Today, we’ve listed down a few of the best restaurants in Worli that you should try when you’re there.

1. Mustard

MM Recommends: Kasundi Chicken
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹2,100 ++

2. South Bombay Bar

MM Recommends: Chettinad Fried Chicken
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹2,000 ++

3. Bombay Brasserie

MM Recommends: Boti Double Roti
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,500 ++

4. Slink & Bardot

MM Recommends: Panko Prawns
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹3,000 ++

5. Light House Cafe

MM Recommends: Bangers And Mash
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,200 ++

6. China Bistro

MM Recommends: Prawn Tempura Rolls
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹2,000 ++

7. Aer- Four Seasons

MM Recommends: Chicken Teriyaki
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹4,000 ++

So, the next time you visit Worli, make sure to try these out! Tell us your favourite in the comments below.

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