The wedding season is upon us. We bet there are so many weddings coming up that either you’re attending a lot of them or you’re getting married yourself. If you’re a part of the latter, then you’re in for some hectic and overwhelming planning that you can’t escape. Even if you’ve hired a planner, there are still so many decisions to be made. And especially if you’re the bride, there are a tonne of things you need to check off your list. Amidst all these things, here are a few things you should prioritise.

1. Invites & Guestlist

This is something you need to figure way in advance. Once you know who all, and how many people will be present at the wedding, you can fix other things accordingly. Your guest list will decide how extravagant or simple your wedding will be. Also, selecting a design for your invites is crucial as printing them might take a long time during wedding season.

2. Outfits

One of the most crucial parts of the wedding is your outfits. It’s what everyone will talk about and more importantly, your outfit will set the tone for your entire look. So, take time to research and get what you want.

3. Decor

The decor will set the tone for everything at your wedding. It’ll be an integral part of your wedding theme so make sure that’s out of the way soon.

4. Jewellery

Once your outfits are done, make sure to finalise your jewellery. Then you’re almost done with your look. The only thing left will be your makeup and shoes.

5. Catering

Keep your guests happy by selecting a good caterer at the wedding. That’s something that’s important to everyone at the wedding.

6. Photographer & Videographer

What will be left once the wedding ceremony is done, are the memories. So, make sure to book your photographer and videographer in advance to get the best and capture those lifetime memories.

7. Music

Music is very important at a desi wedding mostly because it sets the vibe for people who’d want to dance. So, make sure to book a good DJ first before he gets busy during those dates.

8. Makeup

To complete your look in advance, book your makeup artist ASAP so you know she won’t be booked by anyone else. Remember, the best ones are always booked first.

9. Mehendi

Booking your mehendiwali in advance is the smart thing to do because they get super busy during the wedding season.

10. Cake

Another important decision to be made is your patissier. Make sure you decide the flavour, theme and frosting with your cake maker so they can start working on a personalised design beforehand.

11. Logistics For Out-Of-Towners

The bride and groom always have relatives who visit from different parts of the globe during this time. So, making sure they get good accommodations and flights is really important and need to be planned earliest.

Of course, there are other things that need your attention as a bride like dance practice for the Sangeet or alcohol and cocktails at the bar, and more. But those can wait till you manage to finalise the above. Make sure to be patient and prompt with decision making!

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