The 4th episode of Koffee With Karan season 6 might be the best episode we’ve had so far this season. Not only did we get to see a fresh and dynamic duo (much like Karan Johar himself put it) in this episode, but also learnt quite a few things about Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan. It may not have been the slapstick rib-tickling antics that’ll get you interested in this one.

This was in a way Sara’s debut on national television and that too with her father Saif. But it would be more than safe to say that if you liked Sara before, you’ll love her even more after the episode. Think, Saif’s sophistication with Amrita Singh‘s spunk- Sara is the package we Millennials will love.

Other than the above, here are other awesome moments from the episode that you should definitely look out for:

  1. When KJo revealed that it was actually with Saif that he had shot his first ever KWK episode. That’s amazing, right? (PS: Saif and Sara were the first duo to shoot for this season too!)
  2. When both Saif and Sara had no qualms about discussing their unconventionally smaller age gap for a father and daughter.
  3. When Sara candidly confessed that she was a Kareena Kapoor fan even before her father married her. She also said that there are still moments when she looks at Kareena and is reminded of Poo. (I think it’s the innate awesomeness that Bebo emits).
  4. When Sara rightly talked about how Kareena would have a nervous breakdown if she were to ever call her Choti Maa.
  5. When Sara revealed that she like any other child at that age was confused at what to call her father’s new wife. Aunty was immediately crossed off by Saif himself, apparently ( No surprises there! I mean who’d want to call Bebo aunty?)
  6. When Sara revealed that arguments between children and parents even in a film family is pretty much the same as any other family. Doesn’t go beyond “Uff, you’re just like your dad/mom!
  7. When Saif and Sara revealed that Kareena and Amrita referee arguments between father and daughter.
  8. When Sara talked about the time the both of them took Kareena to a museum in Rome.
  9. When Saif revealed that he had written a note to Amrita before he got married to Kareena.
  10. When Karan unabashedly let it slip that the first ever episode of KWK when he shot with Saif was right after Amrita/ Sara’s mom had thrown him out of the house. And it happened to be independence day as well.
  11. When Saif revealed that the photographers get paid Rs. 1500 per picture when they take photos of his little one, Taimur.
  12. When Saif wasn’t shy to disclose how he gets a close up look at all of Kareena’s gym looks while she’s coming and going.
  13. When KJo played a home video of Sara enacting a death scene quite a few years ago. (This is GOLD, watch out for this one.)
  14. When Sara addressed her issues with weight to her PCOD and Saif immediately questioned her if she was sure if it wasn’t all the pizza she ate in a very Indian parent-like manner.
  15. When Saif started off the epic rapid fire round with the “Got cash, take her!” as a reply to what he’d look for in a boy for Sara. Mind you, he kept repeating that through the entire episode.
  16. When Saif revealed that he tolerates Kareena’s habit of living on her phone.
  17. When Sara revealed a film each of both Saif and Amrita’s that she was embarrassed off.
  18. When Sara unabashedly announced that she wants to date Kartik Aaryan and marry Ranbir Kapoor (Do pay close attention to Karan’s face here)

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