I have been living as a spinster for the past 4 years. Before moving to Mumbai all alone, I had big dreams about how my rented apartment would look like. The first year I hardly spent any time in my apartment. I always looked for a way to stay outdoors for as long as I could. Man, did that burn my pocket down! So the second year is when I knocked some brains in my head and decided to change the space from a house to a home by giving it a makeover. And I thought I should share this story and some tips for all you peeps out there going through the same sh*t. Let’s start, shall we?

1. Comfy Spot

An apartment feels like a home only when you can come back from a long day and relax comfortably. You need to make a sweet, cosy spot for yourself anywhere in the apartment to unwind and just loosen up for some time. To make it easier for you, I put up a recliner sofa near my living rooms french window. A glass of lemonade, some music with a view and my doggo by my side is my way of unwinding after a heavy day. You can try the same, will work 100% guaranteed.

2. A Dining Table

If you are having your meal at home, you need to make sure you really enjoy it. That’s what adds a feeling of love and comfort to the place. Sometimes, it’s all about how you treat the space too. I’d say, get a dining table and use it every time you have meals, alone as well as with some company. You could also turn it into a beer pong table and become the most loved party host of your gang!

3. A Work/Study Space

Don’t mix work and play, you will end up feeling like you’re at work the whole time and eventually hating it. I am a victim of this and realised this too late. Have a designated space for work, set up a chair and a table and maintain that space only when you have to work at home. You could keep it near your bookshelf or library for a realistic feel. This way, the rest of the space still feels like home and gives you a chance to take in between breaks.

4. A Retreat Corner

We all have a child inside us, it’s just that many of us kill it too soon. Your work life is not going to get any easier, but you can make sure you don’t miss out on the simple things that make you happy while you’re at it. Have a corner where you can store your comics, drawing books, crayons, paints, and brushes or whatever the hell makes you happy. To keep in touch with art is extremely important. Subconsciously, it also helps you keep calm and focus. What more could you ask for?

5. Spa Space

Dedicate a shelf or space for your spa time. Now you could mix it up with your makeup dresser space as well. The whole idea is to have a spot to go to when your body needs to rejuvenate. It’s best if it’s inside your washroom. Store your masks, moisturizers, makeup, oils, bath bombs, and anything that helps your body take the break it deserves. Taking care of your skin and body is extremely important. Be it a man or a woman, pampering your body is one of many ways of self-love and self-care.

As for me, the tables have turned and how! Since the day I gave my apartment the much-needed makeover, I have never wanted to escape from there. Funny how the same place that I hated has become my go-to place. And now, I cannot wait to go home and sip on my favourite lemonade. Maybe add a little gin to it. Maybe a lot. Let me know how this works for you!

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