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Priyanka Chopra is currently chillin’ with her mom and her squad in Paris and having a splendid time in the city of love. With her bridal showers and pre-wedding parties done and dusted, it’s all about the wedding now, and it seems her this trip plays a key part in it.

Jimmy Choo shoes (Source: Instagram Story - @priyankachopra)
Jimmy Choo shoes (Source: Instagram Story – @priyankachopra)

She was with celebrity stylist Mimi Cuttrell on a shopping spree recently. But this one seems to be a special one according to the caption on her Insta story. The photo has an array of white stilettoes from Jimmy Choo with a statement ‘It’s all happening.. @mimi’. Is this a hint that she might have a white wedding too? The choices of heels look apt for such an occasion. There’s no doubt that Priyanka Chopra would look stunning in a white bridal gown too. We can’t wait to find out if she and Nick Jonas have a white wedding as well. We never know, this shoe shopping spree might just be for her reception look or her bridal trousseau. We’ll get to know about this soon as December is just a few days away!

We’re very eager to see Priyanka’s bridal avatar, be it Indian or western! Are you too? What do you think she will look like as a bride? Describe to us in the comments below.

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