If there is one cartoon character that all generations have loved and religiously watched, it is none other than Mickey Mouse. This brainchild of Walt Disney has managed to burrow deep into our hearts and make a special place for himself. No matter how old we get or how many cartoon characters get added, Mickey will always be the legendary one. So, when it’s the legendary mouse, Mickey’s 90th Birthday, the celebration has to be equally grand! And that is just how Disneyland celebrated Mickey’s birthday, take a look.

1. Food

Disneyland introduced special edition food items that were available only for a day or two during Mickey’s 90th birthday! Apart from the usual Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, there was a whole wide range of sweet and savoury snacks. Not to forget, they looked too cute to eat.

2. Beverages

When you’ve got such awesome food to munch on, you need something with it to wash it down right? Disneyland believes the same and did not leave any room for complaints. They added some really awesome drinks to sip on during this fun celebration!

3. Merchandise

A lot of cool Birthday Edition merchandise was launched and made available for Mickey’s 90th birthday party ranging from tees to badges to sippers. Mickey merchandise shopping can never be a one-time event, you keep buying more every chance you get, right?

4. Partayyy

There were a lot of lit parties hosted at various Disneyland locations. There were dance parties and ‘Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It!’ was the street party that was hosted. The name itself sounds like a lot of fun; fun that we should have been a part of too! *sigh*

5. Shows And Installations

New holiday season entertainment, surprise shows, Mickey-themed huge float, ‘We love Mickey’ projection, and a giant birthday card were some of the many shows and installations for Mickey’s 90th. Our favourite rodent deserves the most epic birthday party after all! Say it with us- Miska, Muska, Mickeyyy Mouse!

Here’s to our childhood saviour Mickey Mouse for entertaining us non-stop, giving us ultimate joy and having our eyes stuck to the T.V. while cracking up, for 90 long years! We’re going to wear the Mickey ears like a headband for another 100 years and enjoy every bit of it. Thank you for everything!

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