Wedding Shot By WhatKnot Photography (Image Source:
Wedding Shot By WhatKnot Photography (Image Source:

Wedding planning can be really overwhelming, especially if you’re a #Bridechilla like me. I left everything to the last minute. And while I am scraping through, not everyone can be this lucky, and nor do I suggest that. In fact, I suggest the contrary—plan your wedding way in advance! To be honest, the first thing you should book after your venue is your photographer and videographer. Because they get booked out real soon, sometimes even years in advance. It’s crucial to get a good one because once the big day is over, all you have as memories will be these photographs.

I’ll start with who I booked for my big day. To give you a little bit of a background, I’m getting married in December this year and I made sure to at least book my photographer and videographer in August itself. It was the best decision I ever made. If you haven’t booked yet, here is a list of photographers you might want to consider for your big day, as they’re super talented and will make your wedding day last forever.

1. Whatknot, Mumbai (My Pick)

2. Shutterdown Photography, NCR

3. The Wedding Saga, Mumbai

4. Israni Photography, Mumbai

5. The Wedding Toast, Mumbai

6. Dream Catchers Worldwide, Mumbai

7. The Wedding Salad, Mumbai

8. Recall Pictures, Mumbai

9. Oragraphy, Gujrat

10. PK Suri Worldwide Studios, Mumbai

Make sure to schedule at least 2-3 meetings with your photographer to explain the flow of events and what you’re looking for exactly. Plus, make sure to show them your family members and important people in your life so they don’t forget to capture any of them. Discuss your style and vibe with them and we suggest you go with reference photographs for better understanding! And like I mentioned before, book yours soon!

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