"I Just Came Here To Earn Money," Akshay Kumar On Joining The Film Industry

Jahnavi Patel , 20 Nov 2018

Akshay Kumar is one of the biggest stars we have in the film industry today. He has worked in over 130 films approximately but he has also had his share of struggle. Recently, at the World Toilet Summit, Akshay spoke about his initial days in Bollywood and what made him join the industry. As reported by PTI, Akshay opened up and said that the only thing that brought him to the industry was the money.

Akshay said,

Honestly, the only thing which brought me to the industry was money. I just came here to earn money. I used to get paid Rs 5,000 a month when I used to teach martial arts. Once someone asked me to do modelling. I tried modelling for a furniture showroom. There was a model and we both posed and I got Rs 21,000 within two hours!

He further revealed,

I thought what better place to be than here! I thought now I’ll do modelling and then eventually entered films. I must have done about 135-140 films where most of my initial films were only action. No producer or director would even look at me thinking ‘He won’t be able to act so just give him action,’ I did that then gradually shifted to comedy and then romantic films.

At the event, Akshay also said that documentaries don’t have the same reach as commercial movies with social messages.

He said,

I personally believe there is no point making documentary films. I’ve seen several times in many villages, sorry to say, but nobody reacts to that. People like to see a commercial film. I consider myself lucky who got an opportunity to do commercial cinema and give people a social message in a very different way.

That was a very honest confession by the khiladi, we must say.

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