Top 5 Most Expensive Cities In Asia To Live In

Team Interns , 20 Nov 2018
Hong Kong by Leungchopan |
Hong Kong by Leungchopan |

Vacationing at a particular city and living in that city as a resident are two completely different scenarios. While your vacation may not be too heavy on the pocket, being a permanent resident in the city could burn a hole. And it goes vice versa too. Asia is the continent that has the maximum number of most expensive cities in the world under its umbrella. From renting an apartment to filling up gas, the prices in some cities are reaching the skies. While they may charm and attract you with their bling, there is a whole lot to go through if you plan on living here. It all depends on how much you earn but considering an average amount, here are the top 5 cities in Asia that are the most expensive to live in.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong tops the list of the most expensive cities to live in Asia. With a lack of land, property prices high and rising here in Hong Kong, one can also expect to pay a surcharge for everyday items like coffee and gas.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the largest city on earth. Well, it is also the most expensive city to live in Asia after Hong Kong. The rent here for an apartment or property is ridiculously high, as well as the prices for leisure and entertainment activities.

3. Singapore

Singapore has strong international recognition, no doubt. This financial powerhouse is Asia’s third most expensive city to live in. The city has undoubtedly become an attractive place to work and live in.

4. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is at the 4th rank in this race. The way it is currently going on, you can expect the costs here to stack up further for basic stuff like coffee too! Renting a place or buying a property are both expensive here as well.

5. Shanghai, China

Shanghai has a wide range of employment opportunities. It is also well-known for producing electronic goods across the world. It’s a little tricky here for some cases and the pricing changes from situation to situation. If you buy a local produce that is seasonal, it will be extremely affordable and sufficient but it might not be the case in other months. Also, if you buy an international produce then you will have to pay a premium for it.

So if you’re planning to visit these cities for a longer duration, you now know how to budget it for a good and stress-free time.

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