Everyone loves a good wedding, especially a desi one. It’s the vibe, I guess, with all the crazy outfit fittings, jewellery shopping, dance practices, the food and of course, the booze – everything makes up for a great time together with family and friends. Getting clicked or taking selfies is another important and irreplaceable part of a shaadi. I mean, if you didn’t get at least one good picture from a wedding you attended, did you even go to the wedding?! Oh, and not to forget, the family portraits with the bride or the groom. They are an absolute must for any photographer worth his salt.

Look at Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh‘s pictures, for instance. You can feel the love & happiness brimming out – which is why photos are so important – they help in brushing up your memory when you see them after a decade. I came across this picture of Ranveer posing with his parents, Anju & Jugjeet Singh Bhavnani, and sister Ritika Bhavnani from the reception in Bangalore last night. Rohit Bal, who dressed the entire family shared it on his Instagram.

Check it out:

If only Deepika was also a part of this, it would have been a complete family portrait.