Richa Chadha had unveiled the first poster of her upcoming Bollywood film Shakeela which is a biopic on Shakeela Khan. Covered in authentic gold jewellery, Richa looks convincing as Shakeela in the poster. The poster has a meaning to it and Richa decodes it for us.

Richa said,

The poster for me is a significance of what Shakeela was. This poster, in particular, is the representation of the time she was at her peak. Shakeela’s story is that of rags to riches to rags, so with this we have tried to capture her superstardom when she had all the riches in the world and yet if you see, the backdrop of the wall, it shows all the abuse she was exposed to being called names, was body shamed, was discriminated for her skin colour, was questioned about her religious faith amongst other things.

Richa said that Shakeela isn’t going to be like a regular biopic. She also shared what about Shakeela has inspired her.

She shared,

Shakeela isn’t your regular biopic. It’s not a story of just rags to riches. It, in fact, maps her tale from the time she had nothing to the time she becomes a superstar and then is again forced back to or is driven away from her success back to where she started from. When I met Shakeela, I was amazed to see this woman who was a huge star was back to living an average person’s life and she had no regrets. She had made peace with herself and she was very grounded in her reality. That sort of level headedness is something that truly inspired me.

The first poster looks pretty impressive and we are looking forward to the biopic.