If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account or presence on any social media platform for that matter, it’s a high possibility that you follow a bunch of people or interests. This could be a mix of friends, celebrities, or puppies (best kind of accounts to follow TBH). Social Media allows us to peek into the life of someone else, but often time we forget that people will only show you what you want to see.

The life that people portray on social media can get to us and might also affect our mental state. I personally go through this when I see super fit women, or my peers travel the world on my Instagram feed. At times like these, I feel a sense of anxiety and sadness. Sometimes I even question myself and feel like I don’t do enough to enjoy my life like most people on my Instagram feed are.

If you feel like this when you scroll through your social media feed as I do, here are a few things to remind yourself of so that your mental health isn’t compromised.

1. You’re Enough

Just because you do not own a particular bag or have certain kind of features doesn’t mean that you are not good enough. Begin to love yourself just the way you are.

2. Likes Don’t Matter

Ever felt anxious as soon as you post something on social media? Be sure to remind yourself that likes and comments don’t matter. Share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on social media without the intention of social acceptance and it’ll help you save yourself from unwanted stress.

3. Find A Reason To Be Happy

The flood of engagement, wedding and baby posts aren’t gonna slow down on your feed any time soon. So, if this makes you feel like you’re not doing enough, remind yourself of the good things in your own life. And if you want those very things, work towards prioritizing your need of being in a relationship or having a baby. But do make sure that it’s what you actually want.

4. Noone’s Posting Their Failures

One of the biggest reasons social media brings people down is because of comparison. Seeing posts like ‘XYZ started a new job at 123′, often can make you. feel like you don’t achieve enough. Be sure to remind yourself about how no one posts about their failures. Channel every negative feeling to work harder to achieve your own goals instead.

5. Good Things Take Time

A lot of the accounts I follow on Instagram are travel accounts. And while I drool over those gorgeous photos, they also sometimes make me feel like I won’t ever be able to travel like that. In situations like these, I make sure to remind myself that the only way I can fulfill that dream is to work towards it, even if it takes time.

6. Real Is Good

All in all, to make social media a better place for your mental health, learn to be in the moment. Share your life in a real way, and in an amount that makes you comfortable. Cause the more real you are, the less pressure there is for someone else to aspire to perfection.

Are there any ways you calm your social media anxiety? Do let me know in the comments below.