Life of an intern is like an awkwardly-funny web series. You feel bad for the poor interns but you can’t help but laugh at what the hell is going on. As for all those currently interning or have gone through it in the past, I feel you, okay? I have been interning for a month now and it’s been a roller coaster ride. Every morning we wake up with new dreams and hopes (of not messing anything up, surviving the day and maybe get a few praises). Although it might seem like you are the only intern going through crazy emotions, it’s not true. You’re not alone, we are all a part of the same cult, sailing in the same boat. So, here are some emotions that we’re all definitely feelin’.

Introducing Yourself

Your tongue suddenly plays jelly and you don’t remember how your name is pronounced anymore. I, for real, introduced myself with a wrong designation to a co-worker. I wished the earth would swallow me or an eagle would ring the doorbell, ask for me and fly me away.

Lunch Time

Oh man, eating at the lunch table in the initial weeks is like inviting anxiety for a party. I came up with a brilliant plan of not eating at all throughout the day, which of course did not go too well. It gave birth to loud stomach grumbles that were much more embarrassing to deal with, TBH!

The Other Intern

This human form of an angel provides you with the extra support and push! They have a solid 99% chance of becoming your first friend here. You both probably weave your dreams together about how everybody’s gonna love you, nothing too wild!

Nature’s Call

It’s a walk of shame to go to the loo. Every second is crucial. You can’t pee for too long, or people might think you’re taking a shite! You definitely cannot poop, and if you do, it has to be real quick, quick as a pee. Do you feel the same way?

Chillin‘ & Bondin

When you finally muster up the courage and put your ‘I am cool too’ mode on to chill with others, we all know what happens. Too many inside jokes and talks that you have no clue about, but hey, the mode is still on! So you laugh cluelessly but with lots of enthusiasm. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart is our motto, right gaiz?

Office Parties

It’s a tricky situation because your inner-self is begging you to save them from all the awkwardness that is yet to come. On the other hand, this is your chance to bond with everybody and cancel out the extreme FOMO you will experience if you don’t go. I, for one, decided to give it a shot and just go for it. TBH, I got a taste of both awkwardness and opening up so I am still very confused about this current situation!

The Feedback

We’ve all dreamt of getting appreciated by the whole team about our work before even starting the internship. When you’re at it, every day you wake up with the hope that today will be the day when I get a ‘Wow, you’ve done some amazing work today’. So after weeks of khoon paseena when you do finally get even the slightest of good feedback, your emotions switch to the party mode on the inside. Remember, keep it cool on the outside. You can go home and shed a tear of joy or two, okay?

Jokes apart, this is going to be an experience you will never regret. It teaches you a lot of things for free, isn’t that cool considering the amount of money we spend on education? You have the liberty to make mistakes but get to learn from it, which is a win-win situation for me. Make sure you make the most of it while you’re at it.

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