The Hottest Beauty Trends We're Spotting On Instagram This Month

Natasha Patel , 24 Nov 2018

As a beauty editor, it’s partly my job to be on Instagram. And while I admit that following meme accounts take up most of my time, it isn’t all I end up doing in a day. Coming across the latest beauty trends, product launches, celebrity looks and other creatively curated content is not only how I spend my 10-6, but it genuinely brings me so much joy and excitement to see how the beauty industry shifts.

Scroll down below to see the hair and makeup trends I’ve been seeing over the past couple of weeks.

1. Glistening eyes

While we are seeing a lot of colour when it comes to eye makeup, the yellow and glossy bright colours seem to be what most of the IG trendsetters and MUAs have been going for.

2. Hairpins

Dressing up your hair/hairstyle seems to be something every Instagrammer opts for.

3. Fire blazing nails

If having fire on your nails doesn’t get people’s attention, then I don’t know what will! You can opt for matte, gloss or even glitter for this one.

4. Cute lip and eye gel masks

Forget the lip and eye creams for softer looking skin, it’s all about masking now. Whether starry-eyed or lip-shaped, gel masks are the new way to give your skin that much needed R&R.

5. Bright yellow peek-a-boo

Don’t be afraid to play with colour this month. Try by accentuating the inner corners of your eyes with a bright yellow shadow or eyeliner.

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6. Tic Tac trios

They say ‘3’s a crowd’, but did you know that 3 tic tacs in a row can look really stylish as well?

7. Hair Bows

Bows are having a moment in the beauty space and we’re all for it. It adds a certain kind of femininity to the style and can look very chic!

8. Eye art

With the graphic liner and detailed add-ons, Instagrammers are now starting to think out of the box when it comes to eye makeup.

Which trend are you a fan of? Let me know in the comments below.

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