Social media and its uses are very subjective. One might use them to be productive, while others might hide behind their computer screens and indulge in cyberbullying and other cyber crimes. It honestly depends on the user and how he/she wants to use social media. Now, we know a tonne of people misusing the internet and its platforms while others are using it to network, grow and help make the world a better place. Let’s celebrate such amazing women entrepreneurs who’ve used social media to its optimum level, for good and succeeded at it too!

1. Malini Agarwal a.k.a. MissMalini

Our very own Founder and Blogger-In-Chief inspires us every single day. Malini started her blog as a hobby back in 2008 and is now one of the biggest digital entertainment platforms known as MissMalini, with over 8 million social media followers. And her newest venture Malini’s Girl Tribe and Positive Masculinity are the two communities she’s founded with the hope of a big change in social stigmas. The idea behind Malini’s Girl tribe is to communicate, empower and inspire each other. And the thought behind Positive Masculinity was to create a safe space for like-minded people to network, discuss and share their thoughts and experiences.

2. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has always tried to contribute as much as she can to our society and she uses her social platforms to raise awareness about different issues. She also has a powerful PR squad who are constantly active in promoting her. The latest feather she’s adding to her cap is the Live-athon she’s hosting on her Facebook page with multiple other empowering personalities.

3. Lilly Singh a.k.a. IISuperwomanII

Even though IISuperwomanII has taken a small sabbatical from creating new content, she has always been a loved YouTube content creator. She has over 14 million subscribers with more than 2 billion views on her channel. She is now coping with some mental health problems and will come back soon better than ever. Her decision of taking a break has inspired many people to come out and address their own issues too.

4. Pooja Dhingra

Pooja Dhingra is the founder of Le 15 Patisserie. Which started off as a culinary passion is now a popular brand with multiple outlets in Mumbai. But what made it increasingly popular, is her very clever social media usage. Her pages on social media are super active and will make any dessert-lover follow it instantly. This brand is of aspirational value all thanks to social media.

5. Prajakta Koli a.k.a. MostlySane

This 25-year-old digital prodigy started out as a radio jockey years ago. She eventually started creating content on YouTube and now has a whopping 2.8 million subscribers. She recently represented the country at the United Nations by playing her powerful track No Offence that was screened there.

6. Falguni Nayyar

One of the fastest growing e-com websites in the country is Falguni Nayyar is the woman behind it all. She has tied up with multiple makeup brands to become the biggest beauty and wellness online retailer in the country.

7. Tabassum Govil a.k.a. Baby Tabassum

Yesteryear actress and television personality, Tabassum a.k.a. Baby Tabassum is known for her popular 21-year-long TV show, Phool Khilein Hain Gulshan Gulshan whose concept has now been revived in the form of her YouTube channel Tabassum Talkies. She uses social media to impart knowledge about the history of the Indian film industry to the young and elderly alike.

8. Sabina Chopra

With so much competition around, Sabina Chopra managed to make one of the leading travel portals in the country. Her achievments just go to show that women are killing it in every sphere of life.

9. Richa Kar

Eradicating a very big social stigma of women being embarrassed for purchasing lingerie at brick and mortar shops in India, Richa Kar has successfully founded Zivame, one of the country’s leading online lingerie portals that is now changing and enhancing consumer behaviour in this space.

These women are powerful yet humble, opinionated yet empathetic. They’re the ones to learn from. Let’s take cues from them and use social media to better ourselves and our communities. Let’s make it a place for healthy discussions about what’s important, how it can help others and think of the bigger picture as these women did!