A Decade Later We Are Remembering Some Of The Many Acts Of Bravery Of 26/11

Team Interns , 26 Nov 2018
Taj Hotel Mumbai by Alexandra Lande | www.shutterstock.com
Taj Hotel Mumbai by Alexandra Lande | www.shutterstock.com

It’s been 10 long years since the horrific 26/11 Mumbai Attack took place. The country mourned for the lives that were lost in the most gruesome, unfortunate manner. 10 terrorists forced their way into Mumbai and attacked it heartlessly. Since then, every day this year we remind ourselves to be thankful to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives so we could live. The police, as well as the common citizens, set a great example of how India is all about unity. All came together to reduce the impact of the attack to the minimum, doing their bit in any way possible. So today, as we witness the 10th year after the attack, let us all take a moment to acknowledge and pray for these acts of bravery by not one or two people but the entire nation.

Tukaram Omble‘s Bravery

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A retired army man and assistant sub-inspector who had a fearless heart ended the attack. Upon receiving information about the terrorist’s car approaching Marine Lines, he positioned barricades to block the car’s way. At the time, 9 out of 10 terrorists were dead. The lone survivor was Ajmal Kasab, who was sentenced to death 4 years later. Assuming Kasab dead, he carefully approached him. That’s when Kasab opened fire. Tukaram’s quick thinking and brave heart led him to hold the firing gun to his body and take the bullets to himself so that he couldn’t claim more lives. This did save so many lives and helped in catching Kasab alive.

The Police And The Army

We’re alive and living peacefully because of these heroes. With weapons that weren’t as strong as the terrorist’s, the police and the army dived in without giving a second thought to their own safety. Strategically and bravely, they reduced the potential magnitude of damage to a great extent. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten by the entire nation.

The Station Announcer

CST Station by Saiko3p | www.shutterstock.com
CST Station by Saiko3p | www.shutterstock.com

That night changed a lot of things for all of us. Vishnu Zende was at CST station during the attacks and he was the station announcer. The first hint he got that something was off when he heard a loud thud! The shooting started immediately after that leaving no time to think or react. Vishnu quickly made the announcement guiding people to exit from the 1st platform and saved so many lives.

The Ones Hiding On The Tracks

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station also witnessed a night of horror. When the terrorists opened fire at the station, escaping that attack seemed next to impossible. With bloodshed everywhere and bullets zooming past every second, many people hid on the railway tracks. It was a close call indeed but they all remained contained till the terrorists passed them. It was extremely brave of everyone there who did not let fear take the wheel.

The Bomb Detection Squad

Fear isn’t something that is only experienced by humans. But these brave dogs squad were just as fearless as their guiding team. The 4 dogs— Max, Tiger, Sultan, and Caesar also played a very crucial part during these attacks. They detected kilos of RDX, many grenades, detonators, ball bearings and shrapnel from various locations. This action itself saved so many lives from being claimed by the terrorists.

The list goes on about the stories of bravery at the time of these attacks. Many of us are still braving through it, trying to come to terms that we lost a loved one, a permanent injury during the attack that changed our lives forever. Let us pay homage to the heroes and bravehearts who lost their lives saving ours. We cannot and we won’t forget their sacrifices. We’ve come out of it much stronger and united.

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