Benafsha Soonawalla, Priyank Sharma, Varun Sood and Divya Agarwal have been in the news of late because of their relationships and changing equations. For those who aren’t aware, Priyank and Divya met on Splitsvilla and fell in love. But their relationship ended when Priyank entered the Bigg Boss house and got close to Benafsha. During that time, Benafsha was dating Varun but eventually, they broke up too. From Divya and Varun calling out Priyank for being a cheater to Benafsha coming out in support of Priyank, there’s a lot that we have already read about them. SpotboyE now got in touch with Benafsha’s mother and she shared a few things about the entire episode.

There was a WhatsApp conversation which was shared by Divya on Instagram. It was a chat between her and Benafsha and when Mrs Sonawalla was asked about it, she said that she unaware about it.

She said,

I am not aware of this. Benafsha and I haven’t spoken about such messages. However, I will check with her. But as far as I know my daughter Benafsha, she has no relationship with Priyank. If Varun wants to get back with Divya and whether Divya is interested in taking him back, it’s a matter that’s strictly between them. If my daughter falls into these things, I will tell her to stay away.

She also revealed that Benafsha didn’t actually start loving Varun and he was actually riding on her daughter’s popularity.

She said,

But my daughter hadn’t started loving him. Varun took it in a different manner and we can’t help it. There was nothing from my daughter’s side. He has done so much damage to her that she can never be friends with him again. He put his hand on her head and went ahead in life. If he was a good friend, he wouldn’t have done that. He piggybacked on her popularity claiming that he is her boyfriend and became a name. It was so unethical.

We wonder what Varun has to say about this now.