Whatever you say about the controversial show Bigg Boss, it brings out the good as much as the bad in people. There may be moments with high drama and tension in the house, but there are also moments when some truths are revealed and the housemates, no matter what, come together to support that person. One such incident happened in the recent episode of Bigg Boss 12. In a moment of vulnerability, Sreesanth opened up about the match-fixing case he was accused of. The former cricketer broke down as he was narrating one of the most difficult phases of his life. After the episode aired, fans have been flocking to support him. Amidst all this, his wife, Bhuvaneshwari Sreesanth took to Twitter to write a heartfelt letter about one of the toughest phase of her husband’s life. She talked about how the charges against Sreesanth have been cleared but he is still paying the price for it even when he’s not committed the crime. She requested the BCCI to grant her husband the justice that he deserves and let him live his life.

Take a look:

Sreesanth fan clubs were quick to retweet and support Bhuvaneshwari just as soon as she took to her social media.

We hope Sreesanth gets one more chance to prove himself after he comes out of the Bigg Boss house so that he can live his dream once again.

What are your thoughts on the same?