The wedding season is finally here! It’s that time of the year when you have a number of weddings to attend and some of you may even be tying the knot yourselves! If you belong to the latter category, there are many things you need to get done in time for the big day. And if you’re someone who wants things done a certain way, we’re sure you may have thought about a pre-wedding shoot too. These photos could be used as ‘Save The Dates’, coffee table books and many more things. Nowadays, couples stick to certain themes that look really cute! Here are a few themes you could consider when you’re planning a pre-wedding shoot.

1. Recreate The Proposal

Recreate the way the proposal was done. It’s a cute way of capturing those beautiful moments you both shared.

2. Make It Monumental

Go big or go home, right? Make the pictures look extremely grand and elegant by choosing historical landmarks as backdrops.

3. A Regal Theme

Feel no less than a member of the royal family with a regal theme like this one.

4. Casual Vibes

If you’re a cool and quirky couple, go for a theme that suits your personality. Pick a casual setting like a park or garden to give it a chill feel.

5. Recreate Your Meet-Cute

In movies, the scene where the girl and the boy who eventually fall in love, meet for the first time, is called a meet-cute. So, in the movie of your life, recreate the way both of you met! It’s gotta be super cute, don’t you think?

6. Back To School

Get in touch with your fun side, and try this super cute version for your pre-wedding shoot.

There are many other themes you could go for depending on your vibe as a couple. But these few listed above are the most popular ones amongst the lot. Tell us your favourite one in the comments below.

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