Here's What You Need To Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Room

Team Interns , 29 Nov 2018
Bed Bugs by Billion Photos |
Bed Bugs by Billion Photos |

Bed bugs can be a real nightmare. They might look tiny but can make a grown-a** men cry, for real. While we’re at home, we make sure bed bugs don’t linger around. And when we find one, we immediately get some pest-control done. But what if that option is not possible? What if you find bed bugs at your stay while you’re travelling? It has the potential to not just ruin your stay and vacation but come back home with you like your new roommates. Doesn’t sound like a good idea right? While you cannot really avoid landing up at a place infested with bed bugs, you definitely can do something about it to avoid any more damage. Here’s how.

Tell ‘Em They Messed Up

Although every place takes good measures to not let bed bugs breed in their property, these little demons still find their way in sometimes. As unfortunate this may seem, make sure you alarm the management about this ‘situation’ happening in their room. Ask for a room change, but make sure you check the new room too. Bed bugs can be very sneaky and there are high chances the other rooms are invaded by them too. A much better option is to look for some other place to stay and ask for a refund.

Don’t Scratch Yourself

Bed bugs bite like angry little demons. The rash is so bad, you cannot help but scratch it. It is a very strong urge to resist, but the truth is, scratching only makes it worse. It can lead to infections and become an issue that will stick to you for a much longer duration. Instead, wash it with water and soap. Then apply antihistamine cream to it and let it do its work.

Burn Your Clothes

Wait no, calm down okay? Bed bugs spread like fire and hide like spies. So you need to clean everything that you have carried for the trip. Clothes, shoes, sheets, towels, anything and everything! To do this, make sure you pack them in a plastic bag that is sealed like your life depends on it. Carefully unpack and put it in the washing machine and dry it in scorching heat.

Don’t Forget The Baggage

There is a high possibility of forgetting to treat your luggage bag or suitcase when you’ve taken care of the rest. But this one is the most important part because you’re going to use the bag for the whole trip. If you don’t treat it, you might carry the bed bugs to the next place you stay and the cycle becomes never-ending. Use the bed bug spray, wash the bag, and leave it in the sun for the bugs to escape.

Check Again Once You’re Back Home

No matter how carefully you’ve made sure the bed bugs leave your space, you need to check again once you’re back home. There is a possibility that one or two bed bugs might have made it through the war alive. If you see any blood spots on your sheets, have continuing rashes or feel something biting you when the lights are turned off, they’re most probably there. We’d suggest getting a pest control done ASAP because they infest the wooden furniture too.

So now when you’re travelling next time and encounter the bed bug cult, you know what you gotta do. If ignored, it can become a real issue and frustrate you to levels you didn’t know existed.

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