What an incredible weekend it was with the Malini’s Girl Tribe! It was our very first time being the Positivity Partners and we can’t wait to do it again. The Good Vibes: Craft Beer and Food Truck Festival was the perfect set up, with live music and a variety of food and beer options, we couldn’t have asked for more. Here are 7 things I loved about the festival:

1. The Positivity Point

Where do I start about the positivity point? I loved how all the girl tribe members came to visit us, clicked pictures with us, spoke to us, how everyone loved the team and wished that they could be a part of it. Ah, that made me so emotional! We had some fun workshops like – learning how to make dream catchers, calligraphy, tarot reading and face-art. And how can I forget? Our photo op background was the highlight of the positivity point.

2. Live Music

There were 7-8 live performances throughout the day, for 2 days. We could groove to all the songs and it made the event a big hit. The vibe kept changing from soft music to loud music. The energy level was 100! So many new and outstanding artists sang their original songs and impressed the audience.

3. Beer Breweries

Oh yum! Can you believe there were so many different breweries and 35 options of beers depending on the taste you prefer? From light to mild to strong, from white to black; they had it all! We also gave 50% off on the first beer to all the awesome girl tribe members who visited our positivity point! How awesome was that?

4. The Food

There were all types of food trucks and food stalls—ranging from Calcutta chat to Punjabi food to hot dogs to burgers to waffles and the list goes on… I couldn’t choose where to start from. But I must say, the grilled lamb burger from The Cuisine Machine stole the show. We could eat all day! (Maybe we actually did, haha!)

There were also a few stalls for healthy snacks and refreshments that were super tasty!

5. The ‘Good’ Vibe

The vibe of the venue was amazing! It was in High Street Phoenix! The pretty lights after the sunset, the open-air ambience and the chill vibe just made it all perfect. Thousands of people with their friends and family walking around and just taking the place in with all the food, beer, music and not to forget—the fun activities at our positivity point. Y’all know how much we love to say ‘Let your vibe attract your tribe.’

6. Getting To Meet New And Old GIRL TRIBE Members

It makes me so happy to be a part of this tribe! I met so many types of people from different professions, places and backgrounds. We had people come down from different cities just to meet our #BossLady, Malini Agarwal and our MissMalini Team. Isn’t that incredible? It was a place filled with love and happiness! We interacted with so many people at the event and got to know each other better!

7. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

There’s nothing better than putting up a remarkable event as a team. We were the Positivity Partners at the Good Vibes Festival and we loved it! Seeing every team work so hard for putting up a great show was awesome. The event crew, Team MM and all the other stalls helped each other out and made it successful.

The energy for the weekend was so contagious and the love so evident, we didn’t want it to end! Thank you, Tribe, for contributing and spreading the joy.

It was such a hit. And we promise that we’ll be back, with a bang! Stay tuned to see where our next events are and come spread the love.

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