Being a millennial and saving money sure sounds like a task. Cutting down on our expenses don’t always sound like a good or doable idea to many of us. TBH, that’s fine. You don’t need to cut down on any of your expenses to save money! Hard to believe? Well, allow us to take you through a journey of your unwanted spendings that you never even realised or knew could cut down your savings sneakily. Hop on!

1. Take The Change

We’re all guilty of doing this. Saying ‘keep the change’ too often might not feel like a big deal. But, leaving the change with the first autowalla leaves you with zero change again for the next autowalla and it’s a cycle you need to break. So, if you’re struggling to save and have no clue where the hell your money is disappearing, try and keep a track of this for a week and you’ll know.

2. Delayed Payments

Be it electricity, wifi, phone bill or any other bill, pay it on time. We can’t stress enough on this one. Late payment charges skip your eye like a thief. You know you can’t escape paying your bills by delaying them right? So why not pay them on time and avoid late payment charges? You’ll be shocked at how much your laziness costs you if you sit down and go through your delayed payments.

3. Budget

Budgeting is extremely important, especially when you’re trying to water your savings! Start with keeping a fixed budget for a week. So if someday you spend more than the decided amount, you know what you gotta do the next day! This is a life-saver and helps you keep track of your expenses. You can’t spend more if you already know your budget for the next day, smart no?

4. Bookings

This one could come off as a little time-consuming but the returns are huge! While booking your flights, hotel stays, or shopping anything online in general, try and look it up on different sites. Chances are, you’ll always find it at a discounted price from someplace or the other. The logic is, not every website has the same offers going on at the same time. So take advantage of it peeps!

5. Discarding Coupons

A lot of time when you’re out having a gala time or at the mall usually, you come across people who hand you coupons or vouchers. If the coupon offers a service you’re not looking for currently, you discard and forget about it. These discarded coupons that you cannot even recall were your tickets to saving money and paying lesser money for the same thing you paid full price for.

6. Excess Use Of Electricity

This is like paying for food you didn’t even eat. If you’re leaving the house even for 30 minutes, turn off the unnecessary switches that you usually ignore. You will start noticing a change in your bill as you start turning this into a habit. Why pay extra for no reason?

7. Not Making A List

You know how you go bonkers and start a shopping spree? That’s because you don’t make a list of what you need. So many times we catch ourselves buying things we don’t need, probably will never even use. It’s a big waste of money, so try avoiding this. It will pump up your savings instantly.

So, now that we’ve enlightened you with these tips, try following these steps for some months and you’ll see that you don’t really need to cut down your expenses. Just be a little aware of where you’re paying extra money! Y’all can thank us later.

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