9 Types Of Customised Merch That’ll Make Every Bride Feel Extra Special

9 Types Of Customised Merch That’ll Make Every Bride Feel Extra Special

Karishma Govil

One of the most important and significant days for everyone is their wedding day. Whether you’re the bride or the groom, all the attention will be on you. Everyone is always around you and talking about the blessed couple. But if that’s not enough for you, then here are a few fun customised merch every bride should get herself for her big day! Check it out!

1. Fun Home Decor Items

Get a customised home decor item that you can keep in your new home as a memory of your courtship period.

2. Phone Cases

Get yourself a phone case that says ‘Bride’ so your mirror selfies get a new ‘filter’.

3. Makeup Pouches

Get a customised pouch where all your trousseau makeup can go! Isn’t that super cute?

4. Bride Squad Tees

Let your gang arrive in style! Especially if it’s a destination wedding, get them matching ‘Bride Squad’ tees so everyone recognises your tribe at the airport itself.

5. Wedding Notebooks

Save all those memories of the wedding in this book. Or, use it to plan the wedding so you don’t miss a thing.

6. Coffee Mugs

Bridal Merchandise By PropShop24

Aren’t these the cutest? With these customised mugs, you ought to feel like the bride if it hasn’t sunk in already!

7. Badges

Want the photographers to know who your squad is? Get them cute and quirky badges so that they don’t miss capturing all the important peeps in your crew. Especially if your bridesmaids aren’t wearing a similar colour palette.

8. Robes

These are a classic if you ask me! It’s almost mandatory to get a ‘Bride’ robe that you wear before you start getting ready for your ceremony.

9. Fanny Packs

Your bridesmaids surely have a tonne of things to get done for you while you’re getting ready for your big day. Get them these customised fanny packs so they can keep the essentials handy.

Customised merch will always make the bride feel special. Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

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