Photos: 5 Highlights From The Trip 2 That We Love

Priyanka Parmar , 30 Nov 2018
The Trip 2

The Trip by Bindass Originals is one of the web series that revolves around women and their romantic, professional, crazy and realistic problems, joys and their take on the world. The makers of the show took all this a notch higher with the second edition i.e. The Trip 2! The lead cast Shweta Tripathi, Mallika Dua, Amyra Dastur and Sapna Pabbi impressed everyone creating a connection with the viewers too. The show’s finale has aired already but I can’t get over it just yet. So, here are 5 highlights from the show that I love!

1) Friendship Goals

These fierce ladies will definitely give all of you friendship goals. It’s beautiful to see four strong women lifting each other and celebrating womanhood throughout. I truly appreciate the girlfriends in my life and even more so after watching The Trip 2. 

Friendship Goals - The Trip 2
Friendship Goals – The Trip 2

2)      Ananya’s love for Scuba diving!

When Shweta’s character, Ananya realized her passion for Scuba diving and took her first dive, it brought a smile on my face like it did on her’s. Interestingly, Shweta also loves scuba diving in real-life like her on-screen character. I think this moment was special for me because sometimes we just need to do something we absolutely love, you know. It tells us to not hold back and we all need to feel brave for ourselves every once in a while at least.

Ananya Diving - The Trip 2
Ananya Diving – The Trip 2

3)      Sanjana confronts her mother

Sapna, who is seen essaying the character of Sanjana in the series finally gathers the strength after all the years to meet her mother. And even though, she doesn’t reveal her true identity, it was sweet to see them share a heart-to-heart conversation.

Sanjana Confronts Her Mom - The Trip 2
Sanjana Confronts Her Mom – The Trip 2

 4)      Nazia finds her true love

Will they? Or will they not? These questions had been on my mind for the longest until Nazia and Veer finally kissed and confessed their love for each other. I am a hopeless romantic so this one had to be on of my favourite moments.

Nazia Finds True Love – The Trip 2

5)      Ira takes the wedding vows

What began with Amyra’s character, Ira running away from her own wedding in the first episode, finally came to a full circle as Ira finally exchanged vows with Shiv. And how stunning did Amyra look in that wedding gown!

Ira Takes Her Vows - The Trip 2
Ira Gets Hitched – The Trip 2

What were your favourite moments from the show?

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