Diwali is lit (pun intended) for so many reasons. First, because it’s lit with lights everywhere, duh! Second, you get to munch on a lot of delicacies and not feel guilty, for a change. Third, you get to hang out and chill with all your loved ones under one roof. Fourth, do you really need more reasons? So to give the much-awaited reunion a lively twist, we thought we’d suggest some unconventional and fun games that’ll make this Diwali party the most memorable one.

1. Two Truths And A Lie

All you need is a group of people. Everyone says three statements out of which one is a lie. The rest have to vote which one is the lie.

2. Jenga

You will need Jenga and an empty bladder because it’s gonna get tense and hilarious.

3. Poker

Keep it subtle with the gambling gaiz, or you can also replace actual money with poker chips. Loser buys dinner.

4. Monopoly

For people not very comfortable gambling with money, you can still get the feel of it with monopoly and fake but cute money. Also, it goes on for hours so you won’t feel realise the sadness of Diwali ending creeping on you.

5. Most Likely

Set of statements hinting to habits or possibilities of an action will be announced and everyone has to point out to the person most likely to do that. You can get fun most likely questions on google easily if you don’t have the cards.

6. Beer Pong

Okay beer lovers, we got you covered. You’ll need cups, ping pong balls, and a lotta beer! You all know what to do next. If you don’t, you’re gonna drink it up anyway so that’s a fun game too, right? Also, if you don’t have a long table you can take help from the above picture.

7. Dumb Charades

The golden game of all times, dumb charades. This is especially recommended for people who have a knack for weird, unheard and ‘f*ck logic’ category of movies!

Playing fun games together is a great way to bond and what better way to spend Diwali than to share a laugh, eat together, just be happy and surrounded by your favourite people?

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