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There are addicts and then there are the stationery addicts! Wherever they go, their eyes are searching for some stationeries to buy and claim as their treasure. If you look at their collection, you’ll catch yourself questioning, ‘You could set up a shop with all this unused stationery!’. If you are one of these addicts, there are some super cool websites that you can buy your drug from. If you know any stationery addict, you should understand there is no greater gift for them than any kind of stationery item. So, here’s a guide of top 11 gift ideas for people who love stationery.

1. Year Planner

Planning a whole year can be hectic, but with a diary like this one, it all becomes fun!

2. Colourful Duct Tape

Normal duct tapes are so outdated! A stationery lover will always want more of these.

3. Sticky Notes

Any kind of sticky notes is a big ‘yes’ if you ask a stationery lover!

4. Highlighters

One can never have too many highlighters, no?

5. Printed Pens

If a pen looks like that, then you can get them to write 100 pages every day!

6. Printed Pencils

Printed pencils are a must-have for all stationery lovers, it is a proud collection!

7. Stickers

They are going to stack these up and probably never use them, just because they don’t want to waste them! It’s a tricky logic.

8. Stamps

Forget the usual stamp collection, gift a stationery addict these stamps and you’re golden!

9. Unique Punchers

Punchers make any paper look fancy, don’t you feel?

10. Pastel/Printed Papers

These may hardly be used too but it’s a treasured collection, TBH.

11. Envelopes

There are so many cute, printed envelopes in the world. A true stationery addict will want every single one of them!

So, the next time you find yourself scratching your head in a dilemma about what to gift your stationery addict friend, you know you have the list ready!

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