7 Chic Hairstyles To Amp Up Your Hair Game This Winter

Prashansa Daniell , 03 Dec 2018
Natasha Patel
Natasha Patel

In the past few months, some of India’s most stylish bloggers have given us major hairstyle inspo for the winter season. In a matter of minutes, they put together looks that are both chic and stylish, and we’re all for it. Inspired by the ah-mazing hairstyle tutorials on TRESemmé India’s Youtube page, seven bloggers gave us a simple breakdown of their favorite looks. Keep scrolling to see how they spelled out their story:

1.Rolled Bun Hairstyle 

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Working on fashion forward hairstyles has just gotten easier ??‍♀️ @tresemmeindia has a YouTube channel through which you can access some of the most runway ready looks, broken down into some really easy steps ??‍♀️ Read on for steps on how I got this rolled up bun look – and you can too: – start out with making sure your hair is lustrous, healthy and ready to be styled. I did this by giving it a quick wash with the Tresemme Botanique Shampoo & Conditioner – next up, divide your hair into two halves (you can skip this step if you want to keep a side or no-parting style) – pull your hair into an elegant, low ponytail – with the help of your fingers, roll your hair towards your head and secure this little bun with the help of some bobby pins – you can use some hair setting spray to make the look more sleek and minimal, or leave it looking slightly messy for a more chic, everyday look as well – #WWWBeauty #MyTresemmeStory @missmalini

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2. The Classic Braid

3. Milkmaid Braids

4. Braided Swirl Hairstyle

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I love experimenting with new hairstyles. ❤️ @tresemmeindia has a YouTube channel with different hairstyles broken down into different steps which makes it super easy to try on, and you can try it too! Steps for this hairstyle: – I washed my hair with the Tresemme Climate Protection shampoo and conditioner to avoid frizziness – Part your hair from the middle – Start braiding your hair from both the sides – Tie a small bun and clip it at the back – From underneath the bun, braid your hair in a lose pigtail (you can skip this part if you want) And voila! It's so simple and easy to make, it's elegant and enhances the beauty of your hair. #MyTresemmeStory #HairTrends #TresemmeIndia #Myhappinesz @missmalini @tresemmeindia

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5. Twisted Braided Hairstyle

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Hi girls, so a few days ago I did a poll and asked which hairstyle you'd prefer on me and a lot of you voted for the Twisted Braid. So, here’s a quick tutorial on how you can get the hairstyle in a few easy steps: – Wash and condition your hair with TRESemmé Botanique shampoo and conditioner – Blow dry your hair well – Divide your hair into two sections – Neatly braid each section – Now take each braid and create a criss-cross at the nape of your neck – Use bobby pins to pin your braid up as I did. And that’s how you get a twisted braided hairstyle! I saw this idea on @tresemmeindia’s Youtube page and I think it was pretty easy, you can check out more hairstyles on their youtube page too ? @missmalini ? #MytresemmeStory

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6. The Messy Chic Ponytail

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The Messy Chic Pony is my go-to hairstyle now cause it barely takes a few minutes to do! Here’s how you can get this messy-chic look too: (SWIPE LEFT FOR TUTORIAL IMAGES) 1) Wash your hair with TRESemmé shampoo & conditioner. If you have curls (like I do here) comb them to get loose waves for a messy look. 2) Take hair from the crown section of your head, backcomb it and tie it in a high pony. 3) Gather the remaining hair and tie another ponytail. 4) Now take the lower pony to wrap over the high pony and use a rubber band to secure all the hair together in a single ponytail. 5) To add to the messy look, pull out your hair bit by bit from the top of your head, like in the pic, till you get your desired volume there. 6) Feel free to use bobby pins/ hairspray to make it stay. You can also backcomb your hair in the ponytail to make it look more voluminous and messier. #MyTresemmeStory @missmalini . ?: @vinay.singh.tomar

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7. The ’70s Blow Out

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I love wearing my hair straight, but sometimes it tends to lack volume and looks limp. So, I looked up hairstyles on @tresemmeindia’s YouTube channel and found the 70s blowout, that would be perfect for me to wear everyday, because it leaves my hair straight with just the perfect amount of volume I need around the roots. So here’s how I did it : – I washed my hair using the Tresemme Botanique Shampoo & Conditioner (as recommended for my hair type by their Chatbot) – For the blow dry, I used a round bristle brush and dried my hair inwards – I lightly teased the hair around my roots and crown area (do this to your own liking, until you get the perfect amount of volume you need #MyTresemmeStory @missmalini

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Which one of these hairstyles will you try for the winter? Do let us know in the comments below!

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