Oprah Winfrey Is On The Cover Of ELLE India & We Legit Can’t Keep Calm

Oprah Winfrey Is On The Cover Of ELLE India & We Legit Can’t Keep Calm

Rashmi Bhosale
The new generation of boys should be raised to believe that girls are their equals, and sometimes, their superiors.

I am still breathing heavily and legit had to keep my phone down for a while, just to calm down before I start writing this blog. ELLE India had been quite a tease lately with their December cover star when they posted a teaser a few days ago on their Instagram feed. Being their 22nd-anniversary and the end of the year issue, we knew it was gonna be big but we couldn’t have ever imagined it to be this big. TBH, I couldn’t have ever guessed that it was Oprah Winfrey from the teaser post!

Oprah Winfrey graced the cover of ELLE India for their December issue in a very desi regal avatar. Kudos to the ELLE India team to make this happen! The fact that the team managed to chapter her true essence in this one frame is commendable. The Fashion Director of the magazine, Malini Banerji, styled her in a Sabyasachi silk top and stole with an embellished border, accessorised with tear-drop earrings from Sabyasachi Jewellery. Captured by Mark Seliger, Editor-In-Chief, Supriya Dravid penned down and Fashion Editor Rahul Vijay contributed to the cover story.

I have been an avid follower of The Oprah Winfrey Show and have been moved by the different guests she had on it, every single time. Everything was just so real and the fact that she didn’t shy away from talking about topics that were taboo made it more surreal for me. I still do look up to her for inspiration when times are tough and would reach cloud 999 if I ever get a chance to meet her (Please God make that happen, please!). It seems like it’s not just us who are in awe right now. Sabyasachi Mukherjee too was star-struck and shared his personal experience via his caption on Instagram, which I found was so adorable. Here’s what he said:

Nothing prepares you for meeting Oprah in real life. On her maiden trip to India, Oprah attended the dinner hosted by the royal family in Jaipur and I had the good fortune to dress her in a saree for it. We spent some time discussing India and spirituality, as well as Indian art and handicraft. The opening of my store in Kala Ghoda came up in conversation and Oprah promised to sing by in the morning if she got time off from her busy schedule. I thought she was being polite! Imagine my gleeful surprise (and slight horror) when I realised I was sprawled on the floor like an exhaused starfish after completing the setup of the store, just as Oprah came breezing in, exactly at 10 AM. She was as magnanimous about it as I was mortified.
Oprah isn’t just one of the world’s most influencial personalities. She is larger than life. But also as real as it gets! So, if she says she is coming home for pizza, you better take her word for it and keep that dinner table laid out well in time for her arrival!

We all feel you, Sabyasachi Mukherjee! It was so sweet of him to share his memory, with so much honesty, with us all through his caption.

So, now in true fangirl style, I end this blog by saying it’s time for “You to get a copy! You to get a copy! You to get a copy!” of this magazine. I wish she was giving away signed copies in this style too. *Sigh*

Now, I am super excited to read the interview and see the cover spread, are you?

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