11 Badass Movies That You Should Definitely Put On Your Watchlist

Team Interns , 05 Dec 2018
Watching A Movie by Minerva Studio | www.shutterstock.com
Watching A Movie by Minerva Studio | www.shutterstock.com

There is no better satisfaction than watching a great movie which leaves you saying “Wow, that was something” in the end. Some have a great storyline, some have mind-blowing direction, and some have characters that stay with you for a very long time. One such type is the badass one! Such type of movies make you laugh, feel scared and be in awe, all at the same time! And so, here are some top badass movies that you should totes be watching that are curated by us!

1. Scarface

You’d be shocked to know this movie released in 1983 once you’ve watched it. A legendary depiction of a man who builds a huge drug empire in Miami with the help of his friend and becomes the top man but has a harsh downfall by being overly suspicious! Al Pacino never goes wrong, right?

2. Pulp Fiction

The simplicity and realness in the dialogues of this movie will blow your mind. Two hit men who are at another level of savageness discussing what a Big Mac is called in different countries in the start to doing things you wouldn’t predict them to do next!

3. John Wick

A bunch of Russian gangsters mess with John Wick, a retired hitman, by stealing his car and killing his puppy. He hasn’t come out of the grief of losing his late wife and the puppy was a gift from her. What happens next is nothing but badass!

4. Django Unchained

Cowboy era movies take you to a different world, don’t they? Django Unchained is the most classic of them all. Django, a slave who is freed, is on a mission to free his wife who is still serving as a slave. He turns into the most badass hero after joining forces with a bounty hunter. It’s one of the finest creations of Director Quentin Tarantino!

5. Taken

A former secret service agent’s daughter is kidnapped by sex traffickers in Paris the day she arrives along with her friend. She has four days until she will be auctioned off, and so with no clues or information about where she is, he leaves for Paris in search of her.

6. The Big Lebowski

It’s directed by the Coen brothers, need we say more? What starts as a silly mistake by two goons who think The Dude Lebowski is a millionaire Lebowski, grows into a tangled kidnapping case. The characters from the movie will stay with you for a very long time, and give you a good laugh!

7. Kill Bill

Quentin Tarantino never fails to amuse the audience. A pregnant assassin, known by the code name The Bride goes into a coma for four years after being brutally attacked by her ex-lover on her wedding day. When she wakes up four years later, she takes revenge for the loss of her unborn child, her wedding day and the years she lost.

8. Desperado

A musician gets mistaken for an assassin when he arrives in a Mexican town. When his lover is killed by the drug lords there, he starts to seek revenge with no mercy!

9. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

A disgraced journalist is approached by a wealthy industrialist to solve the 40-year-old murder of his niece. He believes the murderer is someone from his own family. The journalist hires a computer hacker to help him solve the mystery, but lay their hands on something they did not expect to come across.

10. Deadpool

Wade Wilson obtains healing powers during an experiment to cure his cancer. All this comes with the cost of becoming awfully disfigured. He develops a unique sense of humour too, and becomes the alter ego of Deadpool!

11. The Ballard of Buster Scruggs

Another one that takes you back to the cowboy, western era. It will not let your eye blink or wander even for a minute. A classic compilation of six stories taking place in the post-Civil War era during the 19th century in the Old West! Coen Brothers do it again, and how!

So, if you’re ever in the mood for some badass movies to watch, these are the top 11 movies you shouldn’t be missing!

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