There are reality shows like Dance Plus and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa that provide a platform to deserving artists across the country to showcase their talent. And then there are reality shows that are curated to entertain people by providing umm… let’s just a different kind of content. Here’s a low-down on 5 Indian reality TV shows that I am sure many of you are guilty of watching this year.

1. Roadies Xtreme

The fifteenth season of the longest-running reality show on Indian television, Roadies is all about road trips, adventure, and interesting tasks. While we do watch it to witness the thrill, let’s accept that we also kinda enjoy seeing the gangs pitting against each other as that’s when all hell breaks loose. The arguments, the planning-plotting, and the sudden twists during the vote-outs – many secretly dig these bits of the show even more than the actual tasks. The show used to be quite cool during its initial years and many claim that they stopped watching it after the first few seasons. But guess what? A lot of them are lying.

2. Splitsvilla 11

Splitsvilla is a popular reality show where a bunch of girls and boys participate to stay in a villa, find their ‘connections’, and compete with other pairs in their quest to become an ‘ideal match’. A major chunk of each episode comprises of cat-fights, controversies, wildcard entries, shocking exits, groupism, betrayals, and heartbreaks. This season, there’s a contestant named Simba, who has already switched from one partner to another – not once or twice, but four times. What a roller-coaster, na? Unlike the lion king, this Simba definitely does not boast of loyalty as one of his qualities. Sit with a tub of popcorn and you’re for a sure shot entertainer!

3. Bigg Boss 12

A group of celebrity and non-celebrity contestants is locked up for months in a house in Lonavala. Easily one of the most popular shows on Indian TV, Bigg Boss has brought out the darkest, dirtiest and most unexpected sides of various public figures in the past. Not to mention, the audience really loves watching host Salman Khan taking the case of various contestants during every Weekend ka vaar.

4. Ace of Space

Former Bigg Boss contestant and mastermind Vikas Gupta‘s brand new reality show has got many of us addicted. Participants from all over the country live together and compete against each other by facing a series of challenges in order to win a bigger space to live in. Sounds a lot like Bigg Boss? Well, maybe that’s exactly why people watch it.

5. Love School 3

As if agony aunt columns in magazines aren’t enough, there’s an entire show designed to school people about love and on how to maintain healthy romantic relationships. Just to give you an idea: The first season was hosted by love school ‘professors’ Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna, who ended up breaking up soon after the show. Lololol. Thankfully, the current hosts Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar are still going strong (*Touchwood*). Cannot say the same about half of the couples who were seen on the show thought.

Which of these shows have you secretly been binging on?