6 Things To Keep In Mind While Picking A School For Your Child

6 Things To Keep In Mind While Picking A School For Your Child

Karishma Govil

Education is the most crucial part of everyone’s childhood, as it helps us shape our adulthood in many ways. It has the power to positively or adversely affect our lives. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to think ahead and choose the right school for your little one. Every parent wants the best for their kids, but we get it, the choices get highly overwhelming. Here are a few things parents should keep in mind while picking the right school for their child.

1. Focus On The Faculty

The faculty of the school is crucial as they will be interacting with your child the most. So, make sure you find a faculty that has years of experience and good reviews.

2. Campus

A good campus is also extremely important as your kid will be spending a lot of time in the school. So it should be a spacious place, which has good infrastructure too.

3. Quick Response

You want to choose a school that is quick to answer your queries. This will only help tackle difficult situations faster.

4. Recognition

A school that has a tonne of goodwill and respect in the educational industry is almost always a good choice.

5. Mentorship

A good mentor will help your child grow into a creative and sharp individual.

6. Curriculum

The most important part of picking a good school is the curriculum. The more practical the curriculum, the faster your child will learn. Choose a school with a vast but practical curriculum.

A good set of skills, confidence, a zest to learn and a good school can definitely help shape a good future for a growing child. And this is why it’s important to choose the best and most trust-worthy school for your child. The one school that comes to mind that has the perfect mix of all these points, is Billabong High International School with over 23 schools across India and Maldives. The Kangaroo Kids Institute for Teachers Training Development and Research focuses on training teachers in a very kinesthetic way. They’re extremely active on social media where they interact with students, parents and media alike. Their founder, Lina Ashar has always believed in creating a passionate, exciting and fulfilling life for the students of Kangaroo Kids. She says,

We believe in an educational experience that develops children in all areas of their being. The development of children across the areas of cognitive, spiritual, and physical growth will impact their future experiences and life journey.

Their curriculum, too, is based on Neuroscience. They’ve developed a unique proprietary pedagogical model that took over 25 years to build with a tonne of research and design. They’ve also received many awards for their innovative curriculum and goodwill in the educational industry.

The Kangaroo Kids School on Professor Almeida road in Bandra provides a well-rounded experience for a child’s development.  So, we suggest you choose wisely because a good school can help in guiding your child to a brighter future.

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